How can we empower each other?

How can we empower each other?

I am lucky enough to have an amazing friend named Sara. We met over seven years ago when we worked together. We were equally fierce in the way that we knew our stuff, and ran that shit, but hadn’t quite peeked completely to our full potentials. We were still young (still are). We were friends then, but ever since we reconnected recently I consider her a best friend. She’s the person in the last year that I text when I need all and any advice, or having a rough day, or want to share exciting news. She’s also a huge inspiration to me being a excellent mom, successful business owner, talented home renovator, amazing friend, good solid person and complete bad-ass.

We were hanging out one day and talking about our careers and future dreams, and she said to me, “why don’t you start a blog?”. She knows a lot of my past, and my struggles, and how I’ve worked like hell to become a better person. I figured no one would read my blog, I mean I’m not an expert on life, especially not relationships. But then she suggested I use it as a journal, or as a therapeutic outlet, and to practice some of my marketing skills (google analytics, pinterest, website development, etc). I can’t tell you how in that very moment it’s like a light bulb went off in my head. I have so much to say, and I’m always talking about my growth and things I’ve learned. I actually joke that they should teach a self-awareness class in high school like they did home-economics because in the past 2 years of therapy, I have learned so much about myself, and others, and self awareness is a huge part of that. But in that moment, the fire inside of me grew into a voice, and Voice of a Phoenix was born.

I raced home from her house to come up with a name, logo, start an instagram, and write an introduction to the world. I was so inspired that day, I worked on everything until after midnight. I remember thinking – Where do I start? Will people even be interested? Will people think I’m crazy for putting my personal life out there? I just remember thinking, that maybe if someone shared their personal experience when I was in an unhealthy relationship, and I read it, maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone, or crazy, or maybe that would give me the strength to stand up for myself. Recently someone messaged me on instagram to ask why I started my blog. That was an easy answer – if I can reach one person in this world, and help them grow, open their eyes, not feel alone, or learn something, than I’ve made a difference. Even though it’s just one person, I can feel good about that.

A candle loses nothing by light another candle

I recently heard the quote “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” So often do we feel in competition with one another. That for some reason, if someone else is happy and successful that some how that means we have to be jealous or we can’t be. My friend inspired me to start a blog, who I turned around and inspired her to do a styled photo-shoot around my theme of “rising from the ashes” for her portfolio. By her believing in me, and supporting me, it in turn came around to inspire her. So I challenge you to do something to support someone else today. Give a shout out to someone doing a great job! You never know the impact of kind words to a stranger, or even a friend. They may need to hear it, or you just might help inspire them!

So back to this photo-shoot thing… I can’t imagine doing a photo-shoot because I am certainly not “model” material in the physical sense (ohhh those hips I have)! But I do feel like I’m “model” material in the mental sense. I have rediscovered my inner strength and confidence, my voice that I lost for far too long, and I am ready to stand up and inspire anyone who will listen. You can do anything. You can be anything. Who you were yesterday, and the mistakes you made in your life do not define you. What defines you is who you choose to be today. What you learn from and grow into because of those mistakes – that’s what matters. And those possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned for photo-shoot updates! Eeekk!! I can’t wait to tell you about it and share the photos with you.


Voice of a Phoenix

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