An all woman collaboration that left me speechless

An all woman collaboration that left me speechless

Not often do I find myself speechless, or at a loss of words – except when people give me a compliment. I usually get awkward and don’t know what to say except “well thank you” tends to be my go to response. I’m getting better, or at least trying to. Anyways, a few weeks ago about Empowerment, and my friend Sara put together a styled photo shoot based upon my blog.

I would like to believe that a “Rising Phoenix” and the concept of rising out of a dark time, can resonate with almost everyone. There isn’t anyone in this world that hasn’t struggled, or gone through a tough time. But why is it when faced with the impossible, and going through hell, we tend to not talk about it. We suffer in silence, or put it behind us and move on. I’d like to say it takes bravery to talk about the pain, the ugly, the dark times. Not only to tell others about it, but to really dig down deep to be honest about those times. I started this blog to help others not feel so alone.

So we did a styled shoot that wasn’t about me smiling, or being happy to overcome. It was symbolism of strength, courage, finding my voice, reflections, and the beauty of the journey. When I received the photographs, I was speechless. Not only did the photos convey my message, but I almost don’t believe the pictures are of myself.

It’s still hard to believe I can once again look in the mirror and love myself for who I am (inside and out). I can stand strong and fierce against anything that comes my way – and boy do these photos make me proud. I’m so proud of the woman I am today, the mother I am, friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, mentor, coworker – but most of all, I’m really proud of the person I am. I have put in so much work, tears, reflection, and really dug down so deep to find myself. I have figured out who I am, who I want to be, and I’ve achieved it. That is really the best feeling of all.

I remember talking at New Years about 2018 was the year of change, and how 2019 would be the year of more. Well guess what, I started the year off right with these photos. I will be able to cherish this season of my life forever – as the beginning of more. I don’t know what my future holds, but I damn sure know it’ll be bold and I’m going to do something great!

Thanks to the vendors who helped bring this to life and remind me how far I’ve come on my journey. I have realized I’m only getting started!

This was a incredibly talented group of women to work with. I am truly grateful for not only the opportunity, but also the whole experience. It’s a huge honor to be the face of strength and overcoming struggles. I hope this can inspire more people.

xoxo, Voice of a Phoenix

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