Why You Should Share Your Story

Why You Should Share Your Story

I’m not the all knowing, and I don’t have life all figured out. There are still days that I have no idea what I’m doing. But I have made a lot of progress, and I have learned many life lessons. So I decided to sit down and write about it on this blog. For me, it’s not just about the therapeutic nature of writing (which is a big part), but it’s also about sharing my journey with whomever needs or wants to hear it.

There have been so many points in my life that someone close to me has given me advice, and I didn’t listen (sorry mom). Part of it may have been that they hadn’t walked in my shoes. Part of it may have been my extreme stubbornness. Another part of it may have been I wasn’t yet ready to see the truth, that I was in denial. I share my story because maybe someone is going through something similar, and they read my words and thinks oh my gosh, she gets it. When I read blogs, articles, posts or stories from other women that resignate with me, I feel like I’m not so alone. I feel like wow, I’m not the only person who makes mistakes, or who doesn’t have things figured out. I want to speak my truth in hopes that someone learns, or feels less alone, or it changes their outlook on something.

My story and how I told it

I recently contributed an article to a local women’s magazine. I never saw myself as an author, or someone who should be giving advice to others. But when I sat down to write an article about my journey – the words flowed out of me. I decided to talk and record my thoughts and then go back and type them up. I felt like I was giving a speech, I got so fired up and emotional. It was terrifying to be so vulnerable, and completely empowering to share my story. If you read my story, it focuses on the positive, which is what I want to share with you.

4 lessons I learned

I invite you to check out my article “4 Lessons I Learned While Healing From An Unhealthy Relationship“. Comment below and let me know what you think. Sass Magazine also has a lot of other really great articles – so I encourage you to take some time and look around. A friend from my high school contributes recipes which always look delicious. They have great articles about Wellness, Relationships, Productivity, and much more.

Many times we choose not to share our story because of shame, guilt, or being worried about what others many think or say. Forget that! This is your life. This is your story. You have overcome. You tell your story. Tell it to a friend, or family member, or stranger. It’s your story and all of it, the good, bad and ugly, have helped shaped you into the person you are today.  And remember, one bad chapter in your book doesn’t dictate the next chapter. Own your story and use it to make tomorrow better and stronger!

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