Can you get out of your comfort zone?

Can you get out of your comfort zone?

My comfort zone is like the softest, cuddly blanket on a cold rainy day. It’s safe, it’s dry, it’s warm, and it wraps me up so perfectly, that I don’t want to move. It’s tempting just to stay in your comfort zone and under that blanket forever. But let me tell you about the world outside of that comfort zone.

It’s scary, and cold, but it’s also so full of new experiences, lessons learned, knowledge gained, and so much more. I once heard, that if you never try new things, you will never grow. Which makes so much sense. We wouldn’t learn to ride a bike if we didn’t try, we wouldn’t learn from our mistakes if we never make them, we wouldn’t grow if we don’t reach for new heights.

I know for me, last year I took a trip to Rhode Island for a work conference. It was my first time traveling by myself to a new state, to a new experience BY MYSELF! I was terrified. I have such a social anxiety around strangers, so what I did was prepare. This may sound nerdy, but I listened to some videos about how to make small talk, how to network, how to lower my social anxieties. I learned to think of something that makes me happy and confident before I enter a nervous situation. I learned to compliment people (when genuine) to start conversation. These are little tools I learned to help me which helps take the plunge. Rather than going into new situations unprepared, having some tricks or tools up your sleeve helps. I also just stepped into conversations without giving myself a chance to talk myself out of it. By the end of the conference I had made several new friends and had a really great time.

I had a new found confidence from succeeding at a new skill. I was proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone, and it extended my range of possibilities. Each time I try something new, I gain something from it. I grow. Personal development and growth is obtainable but to do so, you must go out of your comfort zone. But it’s kind of like getting in the ocean, some people do it little by little, toes, then feet, then legs, and work their way up. Others just run in and do the cold plunge and get it over with. Whichever method you choose, accomplishes the same thing – growth. So no matter how you do it, the important part is that you brave it and just do it.

What are 3 things you’re scared of? Maybe it’s time you jump in and try them out. You never know what you may like, what you’re great at, or what you’re capable of until you try!

xoxo, Voice of a Phoenix

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