How You Can Choose Your Tomorrow

How You Can Choose Your Tomorrow

The best part about today and tomorrow, is that it’s our choice. We get to choose our priorities, where we put our efforts, how we feel and what we think. You make choices each day, some automatically without even thinking about it. Some are simple like what will I wear, what to eat for breakfast. Other questions affect the big picture like should I wake up early and go workout, should I pack my lunch or eat out, will I watch tv before bed, will I call a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile. You get the idea, but each decision we make today can affect and change tomorrow.

You choose your priorities

I recently stopped watching tv before bed every night and instead started taking online classes, researching, and working on a new website to open my own marketing business. That was a decision that I made to change my priorities. Sure I’m tired, and just want to relax, but I also want to chase my dream of owning my own business one day. No one gets anywhere in life without hard work, determination, sacrifice and grit. So I decided to chase my dreams instead of finding out what happened on the next episode of a tv drama I’m watching. Don’t get me wrong, I made time to watch Game of Thrones this season, but the following night I was back to working. That’s my choice.

I think the scariest part of me chasing my dreams is not only me failing, but what will people think. Will people think I’m crazy, or untalented, or taking on more than I can handle? We live in a world that is so quick to judge without even knowing the person or what is actually going on in their life. We make assumptions, we judge books by the cover, and we don’t provide enough compassion to one another. So I made a choice to stop caring what other people may think, and care about what I want. It’s a choice, and it’s so hard to break a habit of years and years of caring what people think.

You choose your outlook on life

I’ve recently had a lot of people tell me that I’m so positive. Well that is a choice that I make each and every day. To rise up above the negativity and hard things in my life. It’s honestly a daily struggle for me, but I try to look for the good. So I focus on what’s right in my life instead of what’s wrong. I wasn’t always like this. I was “Debbie Downer” for a long time in my life until one day I realized the only person that can change my life is me.

positive woman

You can choose your path, and who holds you back, and what excuses you make. You choose where to focus your energy, and your efforts. It’s your choice who to surround yourself with. It’s not easy. Each day is a conscious effort to stay positive, and to forge my own path despite what people may think. But it’s been so worth it.

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So I challenge you to take a look at your life. What are your priorities? What are some things in your life you want to change? Make a list, and then write down some strategies on how you will create change in your life and shape your tomorrow. Good luck!


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